DLOSIB recognized with the award “For an equal company”

DLOSIB recognized with the award “For an equal company”

At the headquarters of the Campollano Business Association (ADECA), DLOSIB has received the recognition “For an equal company”.

The delivery was attended by Ms. Lola Serrano as Provincial Delegate of the Department of Equality of the Community Board of Castilla La Mancha, Mr. Manuel Martínez as Councilor for Equality of the City of Albacete, Ms. Rosario Pérez Morote as Academic Director of the University of Castilla La Mancha, Mr. Santos Prieto as President of the Campollano Business Association, as well as our CEO Juan Manuel de la Ossa, various members of the Dlosib team representing the entire workforce, and various businessmen, workers and the media.

At the event, other important entities and companies such as ASAJA, COPRISER, PREVENCIÓN y SANIDAD INDUSTRIAL, ASISTENCIA Y SEGURIDAD, DICLESA, LICOLN COLLEGE, and MAGNANI have also received the award.

Our company is proud to receive this recognition for the important meaning it has in favor of equality between women and men both in the workplace and in any other area at a general level that allows reducing the so-called gender gap.

* Press release made by the DLOSIB Communication Department