Urgent International Trade Consultations

We will resolve any query that affects your company in foreign trade within a maximum period of 72 hours

As a result of our extensive experience and the agreements we have signed with prestigious law firms, tax attorneys, customs agents, etc. .. experts in the international area, we offer you the service of "Urgent International Trade Consultations" with which Your company will be able to resolve any query that affects a legal, fiscal or administrative aspect, both in the implementation and development of your company at an international level, as well as in the international traffic and trade of your products or services.

This service can be accessed by any company or professional with the need for specific advice on a specific subject

Ask us the cost of the service and with it you will receive a written answer by a professional expert in the field with which to resolve any specific question that may arise in a certain area of ​​which we are experts.

Our commitment lays on our customers and compliance of the period of 72 hours to get solutions for queries. 72 hours counting from the date in which you made the deposit of the amount of money in our account, in case we cannot meet that deadline because of the complexity of the question, we would reply it after and we would refund the cost of the enquiry.

If you want to contact with us to examine your situation, you can send your request to:

(see legal basis for the provision of this service)