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Specialized in Export

Given the decline in national market share that many Spanish companies have had, DLOSIB was born a decade ago with the double objective of satisfying their growth in markets outside our borders, eliminating the fixed costs that make them become less competitive.

New business horizons

Our Basic Principles

Opening new business and business horizons for our clients are the guidelines of our team.

We have always paid special attention to the need to evolve and adapt our fundamentals to the particular circumstances of each company, and we constantly seek the balance between our basic principles and what is demanded of us by those who trust us.

We take special care of the independence of our clients with respect to third parties, and very particularly in making decisions regarding suppliers or partners.

Our work bases its success on the assessment of risks and the management and development of opportunities.

We only offer our services in those fields where we have proven competence.

No data or knowledge acquired in the process of internationalization and business development for our clients will be transmitted to third parties. We are committed to this by contract.

Synonym of efficient and profitable international business development for your company

The Best Export Team

Our job is to be, in whole or in part, the International Business Development Department of our clients, always outsourced and with a commercial contract, so that companies can address their presence in various markets without assuming structure costs that hinder their growth. and with the ability to count on the best export team to achieve success wherever the opportunity may be found.

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We provide you with all the support and advice necessary for the growth of your company and the success of your business.


Trust and Continuity

From our headquarters in Spain and together with our national and international partners, we have managed to consolidate and maintain until today a leading position in the field of business advice for export, a position that has always been endorsed by the skills recognized by our clients. 

Relationships with our clients, characterized by their high degree of trust and continuity, are based on a service and results-oriented methodology, a relationship in short in which we have always known how to adapt to changes in the market both at the national level. as international.

The permanent exchange of experiences with whom we work constitutes a solid base for the successful development of all the projects in which we are involved.

The ultimate goal of DLOSIB is to provide our clients with a personalized service, custom designed, and above all affordable in costs for any company, a service that provides high value-added solutions to the different needs that arise in the area. of international trade since our capacities and motivations are those of a company highly committed to the projects of those who reward us with their trust.